The Lie of Overnight Success: Proven Strategies for Sustainable Social Media Growth

May 29, 2024


Do you ever see those “I just cracked the code and went viral” posts? 


These posts are super misleading and annoying to see all over our feeds!

No one has it “figured out”. There’s no overnight success. There’s no secret. 

But there are essential things you can do to grow: 

  • Post consistently and show up for your audience. If you’re not consistent, you won’t stay top of mind (but your competitors will!) It also helps you expand your reach with more chances for the algorithm to say, “hey, this content seems cool, let’s show some other people!” 
  • Actually sell (if you have a product/service). Don’t be afraid to publish those salesy posts. You don’t have to make it super obvious or go overboard with it. Find a balance that works for your brand. 
  • Post quality content. While consistency is important, the quality of what you’re posting is too! When you’re getting ready to post a reel, ask: “would I wanna watch this?” Stumped on ideas of what to post? Try The Impact Content Calendar!
  • Use SEO on every video and caption you post. Social media works just like a search engine (with more people than ever using it as such!). Optimize your content by placing relevant keywords in the captions, titles, bio, your profile name, and alt text.  
  • Engage!! Make it a daily habit to nurture your social community and reply to comments. Especially the first 15 mins after you post. This is the crucial window to bump the algorithm to show your post to more of your audience. And if does REALLY well, it can end up on the explore page! 

Be consistent with all of the above if you’re really serious about growing your brand. And forget the social media “viral hacks” (that don’t work!).

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