How to Keep Your Content Strategy Simple?

June 26, 2024

When it comes to running your business, make every hour count.

The first step? Simplifying your strategy!


One of the number one reasons resolutions for the new year fizzle out is because of feelings of overwhelm – like the mountain is too big to climb, and you’ll never get there.

This is why it’s so important to SIMPLIFY your content strategy.

I want you to STOP worrying about the “best time to post,” finding the “best hashtags,” the “best hooks,” or “having to post X times per week.”

Let’s put that all aside and give you the clarity you need to win this year. 

Start here:

  • What matters the most? CONSISTENCY. Don’t overthink it!
  • Set time aside for one batch day per week to get all your content ready to go (get that b-roll content bank full in the meantime)
  • Have an editing and caption day so you can knock these all out in a day
  • Decide and stick to a posting schedule that works for you
  • The most crucial time to be active is right after posting (15-30 min.) This is prime time to help boost your post!

Having winning content ideas and a strategy ahead of time makes ALL of these steps easy peasy! 

Ready to make it happen? Let’s create a content strategy that works for your brand!


These are super simple adjustments that you can make rn to your page and content. 🙂

 Post high-quality videos. Our phones have advanced (our vids no longer look like they were filmed on the first iPod that came out) and actually can produce some impressive videos! 

(Need help with video editing? We gotchu covered!)

 Make sure your videos are shot in well-lit areas. Videos with good lighting see a 47% boost in engagement! 

 Optimize your bios and links. Make sure that all of your info is up to date, easy to find, and all links are readily available.

 Use title covers for Reels so people know what to expect. This will help them decide if they want to stop scrolling and see what your content is all about! 

 Stick to a schedule of posting 4+ times a week. Seriously! This adds consistency as well as more chances for your content to be seen by your followers and new audiences.

 Keep your branding cohesive. That goes for your aesthetic, tone, and the topics you cover that are relevant to your brand and industry. 

 Always add closed captions for taking videos/voiceovers in-app. More than 90% of viewers use closed captions!!  Don’t make the mistake of NOT including them.

 For captions and hashtags, keep SEO in mind (this helps your leads find your content!)

These small tweaks will make a HUGE impact⁠. But there’s one more step to level up your content this year…

The Impact Content Calendar is the ultimate solution to simplifying your strategy and making your content creation a breeze! 

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