How to Write High-Converting Emails For Your Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

April 17, 2024

While you hear from plenty of marketers that email marketing is powerful, it can be a challenge to get started with it! Where do we begin?!

For emails to perform their best and really convert your customers, you need to know why email marketing works and then make the right decisions with your wording, your frequency and your timing. In this quick guide, we’ll start you off with the basics about how to create an email sequence that converts and offer tips on how to take them even further.

Why Do Emails Drive Sales?

In order to maximize the value of something, you often have to understand how it works. Email marketing is no different. So, how does it work? Email marketing is compelling because it is reaching out to a lead who is somewhat qualified. That means that have already shown some basic interest in your brand when they signed up for the email newsletter.

Email newsletters also find people where they are—in their inox. When they’re in their inbox, they are prepared to see emails. That means they receive your advertising more positively than they would if it was perceived as an “interruption” from what they really want to do. Like when an ad appears in their Insta feed.

Emails also allow you to do lots of segmentation and make your message more personalized for the specific kind of person who is reading it. That’s powerful because different leads will have different things that motivate them (pain points.) You can tap into those in your campaign.

Email Frequency and Timing

We know that emails work in part because people want to read them. So, we can improve any email marketing campaign by sending out an email when people will want to read them. And balance our frequency so that people get familiar with your emails but also don’t get overwhelmed with them.

Specific tips for frequency and timing should be adjusted based on your specific audience. But there are some good general rules to follow. The more frequently someone might purchase your product or services, the more often you should email them. Fashion might email six times per week. In other industries, you might send out only one email per month.

You also want to send emails around when people tend to open them. Those who look at their email in the morning are captured by 8 am sends. Those who check at lunch might best receive an email at around 1 pm.

Your Wording Makes the Difference

Don’t shy away from using powerful wording in your emails and especially your headlines. While you should try to use the language that will best appeal to the specific kind of leads you’re emailing, there are certain words that are almost always worthwhile, including:

  • Free
  • Now
  • Limited
  • ASAP

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