Quick & Easy Ways To Level Up Your Instagram Reels

April 10, 2024

You ever get stuck in one of those Instagram reel scrolls? Where you can’t. stop. watching?

That’s exactly what these short-form videos are designed for (the algorithm is working its magic on you, giving you ALL the content you want to see!). 

The goal here? To get your audience to STOP that scroll for just a few seconds (hopefully 15-60 seconds or however long your reel is), watch your reel and take action with a like, follow, comment, share, etc. 

Here are 5 ways to get noticed with your reels:

1. Ditch generic hooks for ones that actually pique interest. 

Hooks are everything. And for talking videos, use a catchy hook and get RIGHT to it. Immediately (see the next section for examples of hooks you can use).

2. Be clear! With visuals, hooks, SEO, and CTAs. 

You have literally seconds to get your message across. Don’t waste a second with any confusion about the message you’re trying to get across. 

3. Use multiple clips to build and catch their attention.

When you have a variety of clips that work together in your reel, it makes it much more visually appealing and gets your audience interested in what they’ll see next! 

4. Create looping reels that are short yet impactful.

These reels should be between 4-7 seconds and set to trending audio. Add a powerful message on the screen and more info in the caption. The idea here is to catch those short attention spans! 

5. Show your face first thing in the reel.

Reels with someone showing their face to the camera do really well. We all are on social media to be, well, social, right? Seeing your face lets them feel like they’re listening to a friend on their feed.

Is video editing not your forte? Video quality and editing need to be on point to be successful with your reels.

We now offer VIDEO EDITING! (No contract or retainer needed – 7 day delivery)


You filmed the video of yourself talking and have the b-roll, now you just need to nail the hook in your opening line! 

Try one of these hooks for your next reel:  

– Day X of helping you [achieve niche result] – trending sound with text on screen

– Avoid doing these things if you want to [solve pain points].

– I have a confession to make…

– Hate to break it to you but…

– Are you interested in learning ______?

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