Who’s the villain in your brand story?

March 6, 2024

I want you to think of the last movie or series you watched.

There’s always a “hero” and a “villain.”

The last series I was really into was The Queen’s Gambit (anyone else LOVE this show?)

We have Beth Harmon, who faces her “villain,” aka the challenges of being a female chess prodigy in a male-dominated world.

The “heroes” are Mr. Shaibel and Benny Watts, who help her to become a world-class chess player.

Are you telling your brand’s story through your marketing strategy?

If you’re having trouble figuring out the plot, here’s the issue: 

There’s no conflict in your marketing. 

But how do you create this conflict when everything in your biz is going great?

First, identify the villain in the story

(Stay with me here, it’ll all make sense, I promise! 😅) 


If your brand sells haircare products, the villain could be thin/fine hair or frizzy strands.  

If your brand helps women get fit, the villain could be unhealthy habits or lack of motivation.  

If your brand designs websites, the villain could be a nonexistent or poorly designed website.  

These “villains” are essential in these scenarios because they create conflict and engagement. 

You must identify the challenges or obstacles that your customers face (the villains), so you can be the hero in the story who solves them with your product or service.  

Here are some tips for using villains effectively in your marketing: 

1. Identify the real villains in your customers’ lives 

What are the problems they face? What challenges do they have? What obstacles stand in their way? 

2. Make your villains relatable 

People are more likely to engage with your marketing if they can see themselves struggling with the same villains. 

3. Position your brand as the hero 

Show your customers HOW your product or service can help them overcome the villain and achieve their goals. 

4. Be positive and empowering 

Your marketing should focus on helping your customers, NOT scaring them. Let them know that your product or service will help them face those villains head-on!

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On the subject of villains, sometimes your own mind is the biggest villain of them all.

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