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Let’s talk about subliminal hooks (yes, this is actually a thing now!) So I saw this TikTok recently that exposes the subliminal ways creators grab our attention.  You’ve likely heard of hooks – those attention-grabbing elements strategically placed at the beginning of a video or post. They’re designed to pique curiosity and keep audiences engaged. […]

Here’s a simple and easy tip that I shared with my strategy client last week who was wanting more comments on her content: Within one minute of reviewing her content, I identified the problem — She was asking open-ended questions that required a lot of thought to answer. They were great questions, but weren’t encouraging […]

Let’s talk about the secret sauce behind the feeds that make you FEEL something & having you bingeing the content. So, what’s this secret sauce you ask? Well, it’s the STRATEGY. Strategy on Instagram is like having a game plan to make your feed the talk of the town. Let’s break it down into a […]

If your Instagram feed isn’t getting the love it deserves, buckle up – we’re about to spice things up and give your Instagram the glow-up it deserves! Ready to turn heads and make your Instagram feed pop?  Let’s get one thing straight – Instagram is not your run-of-the-mill marketing channel. It’s like your personal portfolio, […]