Here’s Your Social Media Game Plan

March 20, 2024

Feeling lost on social media?

There’s no shame in the game!

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you EXACTLY what to post and when. 

If your social routine looks something like: 

  • scroll through your feed
  • stare at your profile
  • watch way too many stories (mostly your own, let’s be real)
  • stress over the fact that you have no clue what the heck to post next for results

What you need is a clear, actionable, and PROVEN content plan! 

Not to toot our own horn (toot toot 🎺🤪), but I am over here just loving how much YOU’RE loving the Impact Content Calendar !!!

You might now be thinking, “Hold up, Caroline, this sounds GREAT, but how is this different from other content subscriptions?” 

Well, glad you asked. 😉 

Other content calendars tend to focus on just trends or reels only, with some providing only a few prompts a week (not much for you to work with, right?) 

Here’s how we’re giving you EXACTLY what your socials need:

1. Strategic content: Our content aligns with your buyer’s journey– no posting just to post here. That’s not the goal! It’s all about being relevant to YOUR brand (why we include examples for different niches to get the ideas rolling.)

2. Not just reels: We all love a good ol’ reel, but if you’re ONLY posting reels, you’re doing it wrong. We’re including it all AND teaching you how to adapt content to 5 other platforms to maximize online impact.

3. Sustainable strategy with weekends off: We offer prompts for Monday-Friday, ensuring a sustainable content plan with weekends free. Generally, content posted on the weekend doesn’t do as well because everyone is out and about living their best life (as you should be, too!).  

4. Strategy quick guide: Our calendar includes a quick guide for developing and maintaining a clear and effective content strategy so you can continue to kill it on socials!

5. Customized prompts for different business types: Unlike generic content calendars, our calendar offers customized prompts for both service-based and product-based businesses. We tailor our content calendars for YOU and YOUR brand!

Say no more I’m in!

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