Simplify Your Content Creation Process

February 9, 2024

“Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” (where are my millennials at with this reference). I hate to be the one to tell you this but, You’re over-complicating content creation.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and all over the place with your socials, this one is for you!

Do this instead:

  1. Create a story bank: Build a reservoir of pivotal moments, aha moments, your origin story, and more. This is especially great for podcasts, adding a personal touch to your content.
  2. Keep an idea list: Utilize your notes app to maintain a comprehensive list of concepts, inspirations, and potential content themes. This simple yet effective strategy keeps your creative process organized.
  3. Stop doing it all in one sitting: Break down your content creation tasks. Plan on one day, execute on another. Filming on one day, editing on another. Find a rhythm that works for you. Trying to do it all in one day is a surefire path to burnout. Pace yourself and enjoy the process.
  4. Accept BTS is amazing: You don’t need fresh footage for every post. Embrace the beauty of behind-the-scenes (BTS) content. Keep a b-roll album filled with snippets from your daily life – the coffee shop, the restaurant, your new outfit, anything that adds authenticity to your brand.

Need a little extra help planning your content strategy? Let’s come up with one that works for YOU.

Once you get things organized and stop trying to do it ALL at once, you can look back and be proud of the content you create!

Make Your Life Easier

I always get asked what tools help me with my day-to-day the most. One that I simply can’t live without is Later Scheduling. It helps me save so much time and grow my business in the process. This tool lets you manage all of your social networks in ONE place.

Check it out here!

Hot Tip: Sell the Feelings, Not the Features

People don’t buy things; they buy the feeling that comes with it.

Buying a cookbook? You’re also getting new flavors, culinary expertise, and meal moments.

Booking a flight? You’re also getting adventure, new experiences, and lifelong memories.

So, when you’re selling your product or service, think about the WHOLE picture.

It’s not just about the features, but the feelings they’ll get and the experiences they’ll gain.

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