How To Make Social Media Content Faster

October 11, 2023

When I first started my business, I was SO excited about creating content for other creators and business owners… and then reality hit. 

Not only did I create 100+ posts a month, but I also had to focus on growing my own account too! 

In those months starting out AND as the agency grew, I’ve learned the power of how to create content faster (without sacrificing all the time).

How To Create Carousels Faster:

Map Out Ideas Beforehand: Craft each piece of content with purpose and make sure it aligns with your brand’s pillars (not sure what they should be? Grab your strategy). 

Bonus tip: Write out your slides beforehand.

Use Templates: Templates can help you stay super consistent and maintain a seamless feed aesthetic. 

Keep It Simple: Swipe-worthy carousels thrive on simplicity. Make them bingeable and engaging by remembering, less is more!

Last Slide Hack: Add a branded call to action on the last slide. Encourage follows and saves for future content that resonates with them.

How To Create Reels Faster:

Simplicity Rules: Always go for simplicity, speed, and value. Ask yourself, “Am I HOOKED in the first 3 seconds? Would I be intrigued enough to watch this through?” 

Keep in mind: TikTok currently favors longer videos and IG favors shorter ones. 

Prepare and Record: Charge your devices, set up your tripod, and jot down your ideas before you start recording. I can’t tell you how many times my phone has died mid-content creation day – BOO!

Edit Text After Recording: When you create 6+ reels at a time, it can be easy to forget why you filmed something, so make sure to add text immediately!

Refine Edits and Captions: Tackle edits and captions after you’ve filmed everything. 

And here’s the cherry on top for any piece of content: the power of Repurposing!  

Re-purposing is how you use previously top-performing content and turn it into something new. 

For example, a carousel caption into a snappy reel, or a reel into a captivating carousel post. 

There is one more thing that will save you time to help you make content faster!

Our Weekly Content Prompts!  

Say goodbye to second guessing your strategy or running out of creative ideas! You’ll have all the ideas you need to create show-stopping content. 

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