Threads vs Twitter: How Threads is different from Twitter?

July 17, 2023

The battle between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk may not happen in person, but their social media companies are already locked in a fierce competition. Meta’s Instagram, now known as Meta’s Platform, has unleashed Threads, a direct rival to Twitter.

According to Meta, within hours of its launch, Threads garnered over 30 million users. The app shares similarities in format, dynamics, and even name; on Twitter, threads refer to a series of connected tweets from a single account.

Let’s explore the key differences between Threads & Twitter:

Character Limit

Threads offer a generous character limit of 500, providing users with ample space to express themselves. On the other hand, Twitter imposes a character limit of 280 for unpaid users, while paid subscribers enjoy an extended limit of 25,000 characters.


Currently, Threads offers verification only to individuals who are already verified on Instagram. In contrast, Twitter offers a verification process for users, albeit with a cost of $11 per month for mobile verification.

Feed Options

Threads present a streamlined experience with its main thread, focusing on the primary conversation at hand. Twitter, on the other hand, provides users with a variety of feed options, including trending topics, chronological order, and content from people they follow.

Deleting Accounts

While both platforms allow users to delete their accounts, there is a slight distinction. When a user deletes their Threads account, the associated Instagram account is also deleted. On Twitter, users can delete their accounts without affecting any other linked accounts.


Threads currently does not display ads, offering users an ad-free experience. In contrast, Twitter incorporates advertisements.


Threads does not support hashtags, while Twitter is well-known for its extensive use of hashtags. Twitter users can utilize hashtags to categorize their tweets, join conversations, and discover content related to specific topics.

Editable Posts

Threads does not offer the ability to edit posts once they are published. On the other hand, Twitter grants this feature exclusively to paid subscribers, enabling them to make changes to their posts after publishing.

Direct Messages

Threads do not support direct messaging, limiting communication to the main thread and shared updates. Twitter, on the other hand, provides users with direct messaging capabilities, allowing for private one-on-one conversations.

Desktop Option

Threads is primarily a mobile app and does not have a dedicated desktop version. Conversely, Twitter caters to both mobile and desktop users, providing a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

Threads and Twitter are distinctive social media platforms, each offering a range of features that cater to different user preferences. Understanding these features can help users, creators & businesses make informed decisions about which platform aligns better with their social media needs and preferences.

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